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                                              THE REFERENCE BOARD REPORTS
on the formation of the next issues of the journal “Plant Protection and Quarantine” and the collection “Plant Protection and Quarantine”
We accept sex according to specialties:
for the journal “Plant Quarantine and Protection” – 091 Biology, 101 Ecology, 201 Agronomy, 202 Protection and Quarantine of Plants;
for the collection “Plant protection and quarantine” – 091 Biology, 101 Ecology, 201 Agronomy, 202 Protection and quarantine of plants, 203 Gardening and viticulture.
Requirements for articles follow the link

Main scientific achievements:

  • monitoring and prediction systems of major pests of plants;
  • crops protection system from locust;
  • integrated protection of winter and spring wheat and sugar beet;
  • technology laboratory rearing Trichogramma and other entomophagous insects;
  • Technology Low-tonnage production of microbial products;
  • protection technology of vegetable crops in open and closed ground and orchard with the predominant use of biological agents;
  • test methods and use of pesticides;
  • algorithm systematically analyze the behavior of modern pesticides in plants, soil and water;
  • rapid assessment techniques and selection of plant forms of group resistance to pathogens;
  • model creating resistant varieties of potatoes to the Colorado beetle and late blight and wheat to major pests and pathogens.