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Національна академія аграрних наук України
ННЦ Інститут землеробства НААН
XXIX Міжнародна агропромислова виставка «АГРО-2017»

Council of Young Scientists and specialists of the Institute of Plant Protection of NAAS

Chairman of the Council: Yurij Panchenko, postgraduate.

Vice Chairman: Oleksandr Melnyk, postgraduate.

Secretary: Kateryna Balvas-Hremyakova, postgraduate, researcher.

Council members: A. Karelov, researcher; N. Bazhina, researcher; O.Sanin, researcher; A. Kovtun, postgraduate, researcher; O. Nychypuruk, postgraduate; O. Makaruk, researcher; S. Fedorenko, postgraduate, researcher; G. Strykal, specialist.

The main tasks and functions performed by the Council of young scientists and specialists of the Institute:

  • involving young people to scientific work of the Institute;
  • propaganda of scientific researches;
  • preparation of scientific activity via post-graduate studies;
  • contribution to scientific work of researcher degree out of post-graduate studies;
  • practical study abroad;
  • linkage with scientific institutions of agricultural profile in Ukraine and abroad;
  • consideration of issues about participation of young scientists in the international tenders on scientific themes;
  • organization of symposiums, seminars on plant protection problems  involving leading scientists;
  • organization of conferences – 1 time every 2 years;
  • conducting of organization work on issues related to the involvement of young people in learning foreign language;
  • organization of the competition for the prize named after V.P.Vasiliev;
  • organization of the competitions for scholarships: President, Ministry, Parliament, NASU, NAASU and others.
  • promotion of the efficiency of research and acceleration of the use of science and technology in agriculture;
  • contribution for the including young scientists to the reserve of cadres of the Institute;
  • exchange of scientific experience, information (literature, internet).