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The Institute offers services on the following:

  • assessment of the phytosanitary state of agrocenoses;
  • entomological and phytopathological analysis of seed and planting material of agricultural crops;
  • consultations on the use of Trichogramma for the protection of vegetable and fruit crops from lepidopteran pests;
  • scientific support of integrated protection of the main agricultural crops, including perennial plants, from harmful organisms;
  • survey of agricultural land, nursery-gardens and greenhouses to identify nematode diseases of plants, maps drafting;
  • assessment of the sustainability level of agricultural crops against pests;
  • scientific support on the use of protective measures including saturation of agrocenoses with useful biological agents;
  • recommendations on the use of biological agents to protect vegetable crops in the field and in greenouses;
  • providing industrial bio-laboratories and laboratories in greenhouse combines with strains of microorganisms for the production of biological products (for the protection of agricultural crops from pests, diseases and phytoparasitic nematodes);
  • technology of small scale production of microbial preparations for the protection of agicultural crops from pests and diseases;
  • implementation of cabbage protection technology from pests with the predominant use of biological agents;
  • the determination of the completeness of seed processing material of different agricultural crops;
  • quality control of agricultural outputs and the condition of agrocenoses according to criterion of content of pesticide residues;
  • analysis of pesticide preparations on the content of active substances;
  • phytosanitary risk analysis;
  • identification of quarantine and regulated non-quarantine pests;
  • protection of Aesculus hippocastanum L. from Cameraria ohridella;
  • analysis of varietal purity of wheat samples.

Additional services: conducting scientific research, expertise, analytical work, seminars, conferences, training courses, training of specialists through postgraduate, doctoral studies and defense of dissertations. In the Institute are published inter-thematic research collection "Protection and Plant Quarantine", journal "Quarantine and Plant Protection" and Ukrainian entomological journal.