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Національна академія аграрних наук України
ННЦ Інститут землеробства НААН
XXIX Міжнародна агропромислова виставка «АГРО-2017»

Tasks and functions of coordination and methodological council

1. Analysis of condition of scientific security and development of the conception of plant protection.
2. Organization of scientific and technical programs of fundamental and applied researches.
3. Determination of the optimal amount of funding, availability of appropriate skills of scientific staff, material and technical resources of scientific institutions needed for the realization of scientific and technical programs.
4. Organization of the expertise:

  • projects of scientific and technical programs and their development are determined by the tasks of the Centre;
  • long term and annual plans of scientific and research, research and development works of co-executors of research subjects of the Centre.
  • Scientific developments suggested for the introduction of agricultural production;
  • subjects of scientific and research works which will be performed  on a contractual basis for the tasks of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and other ministries and policy offices of Ukraine;
  • reports of scientific institutions on the tasks of scientific and technical programs of the Centre.

5. Control of the execution process of scientific and research works performed by scientific institutions.
6. Control of the methodological standard of the research in co-execute institutions, determination of the ways to improve the efficiency of the research.
7. Hearing and confirmation of the report about the work of the Centre and its main scientific institution.
8. Development of the main areas and forms of the international cooperation, promotion of the development of scientific connections with scientific institutions of foreign countries/International scientific programs, congresses, conferences.
9. Preparation of the informational reports and scientific reviews of the problems which are coordinated by Centre.
10. Reporting to the branch offices about the state of development and implementation of research programs of the Centre.

Staff of the Coordination and Methodological Council
to implement the NDP number 12 "Scientific basis of modern technology forecasting and pest control as agrocenosis" («Crop Protection») for the 2016-2020 years

Chairman of the Coordination and Methodological Council: Alexander Ivanovich Borzykh (Director of IPP NAAS, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, corresponding member of NAAS)

Deputy Chairman of the Council: Sergey Vasilievich Retman (Deputy Director of IPP NAAS in scientific work, head of the laboratory, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences)

Secretary of the Council: Oksana Gennadiivna Afanasieva (PhD in agriculture, senior researcher of IPP NAAS)

Members of the Council:

  • Olga Yaroslavivna Bokshan (Director of Transcarpathian regional Department of Plant Quarantine of IPP NAAS, PhD in biology).
  • Tamara Serhiyivna Vinnichuk NSC (Head of Laboratory of Department of Plant Protection Institute of Agriculture NAAS, PhD in biology).
  • Ludmila Leonidivna Gavriluk (Scientific secretary of IPP NAAS, PhD in agriculture).
  • Natalia Mykolayivna Dmitrenko (senior researcher crop department of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, PhD in agriculture).
  • Volodymyr Mykhailovich Gunhack (Director of the Ukrainian Research Station of Plant Quarantine of IPP NAAS, PhD in agriculture).
  • Yuriy Edyardovich Klechkovskiy (Director of the Research Station of Grape and Fruit Crops Quarantine).
  • Hanna Mykolaaivna Kovalyshyna (Deputy Director of the scientific work of Myroniv Wheat Institute named after V.M.Remeslo, PhD in agriculture).
  • Mykola Sergiyovich Korniychuk (chief researcher of plant protection NSC "Institute of Agriculture NAAS", Doctor of Agricultural Sciences).
  • Lilia Aminivna Pilipenko (Deputy Academician-secretary of agriculture, irrigation and mechanization of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Biological Sciences).
  • Lidiya Volodymyrivna Rozova (head of the laboratory of Melitopol Research Station of gardening named after M.F.Sidorenko of the Institute of gardening NAAS, PhD in agriculture).
  • Dina Dmytrivna Sigariova (senior researcher IPP NAAS, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, corresponding member NAAS).
  • Victor Mikhailovich Stefkivskyy (Head of the Department of Plant Protection phytosanitary safety).
  • Olexander Olexiiovich Strygun (Head of the laboratory IPP NAAS, PhD in agriculture).
  • Hanna Mykolaivna Tkalenko (Head of the laboratory IPP NAAS, senior researcher).
  • Vitaliy Petrovich Fedorenko (Head of the department of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, chief scientific worker of IPP NAAS, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Academician NAAS).
  • Olena Danylivna Chergina (senior researcher IPP NAAS, PhD in agriculture).
  • Kateryna Ivanivna Yatsuh (Head of the laboratory of the Institute of Agriculture of Carpathian region NAAS, PhD in biology).